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Assign a Machine to a User in VMWare View – Step 6

VMWare View Assign Desktop to User

VMware View assign Desktop to user would be covered in detail in this article. We have already learned all the steps required to configure VMWare Connection Server, VMWare Composer, adding VCenter Server and Composer Server in VMWare connection Server. Moreover we also learned the steps to install VMware View agent and create Desktop Pool in VMWare View.

Once all those steps are completed successfully, next step is to assign a machine to a user. To effectively manage the environment, it would be good if we create a Group in Active Directory and then add all the Domain Users in that Group who are authorized to access Virtual Desktop.

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VMWare View Assign Desktop to User

Depending on the type of Desktop Pool you have created, Virtual Machines would be assigned to user. In case of Floating Desktop Pool, VMs would only be assigned for the duration while user is logged in. When user log off that VM would be available for another user. However in case of Dedicated Desktop Pool, VM is dedicated to the user. User would get the same machine whenever they login. Let’s start with the steps to assign a Desktop to a user.

Step 1#

Open VMWare Horizon View 7 console, in Inventory select Users and Groups. Click Entitlements and then select “Add Desktop Entitlement” to assign a Machine to User. We can select “Add Application Entitlement” if we want an Application to be assigned to User.


Step 2#

In the “Add Desktop Entitlement” window, Select the Domain and type the Name of User or Group whom you want to assign the Desktop and then click on Find. We have already created a Security Group in Active Directory with the name of ProG. Select the name of Group in the result and then click on Next to continue.

Active Directory User Account Management


Step 3#

Select the Desktop Pool to which you want access to be granted. Click on Finish to close the wizard.


Step 4#

Once added, you can see the User name or the Group whom access is granted.


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