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How to Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 using PowerShell & GUI

How to Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016

In this post we’ll learn the steps to remotely manage Nano Server 2016. In the old post, we have learned the steps to Install and Configure Nano Server 2016. It is a minimal footprint option announced by Microsoft. It gives an option to deploy only those packages that are required instead of installing all the packages and services. But the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with the option of Graphical User Interface (GUI).

So the biggest question is that how to manage Nano Server 2016. In this article, we’ll learn two ways of managing our Nano Server 2016 named as Nano01. One way is to use PowerShell to remotely manage Nano Server. Another option is to use Server Manager to manage Server.

Steps to remotely manage Nano Server using PowerShell

In this article, we are assuming that Hyper-V is installed on DC01 which is Windows Server 2016 moreover same Server is promoted as a Domain Controller. Nano01 is running as a Virtual Machine (How to create Virtual Machine on Hyper-V Server) on the Hyper-V Server.

Steps to install Hyper-V

Step 1:
Open PowerShell on DC01 and type the below mentioned command. This command is used to remotely manage the Server. In this command either type the Computer name or IP address of Nano01 Server. Specify the user who has permissions to access Nano01, we have defined Local Administrator to access the Server.

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName -Credential Nano01\Administrator

Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)

Once connected you can use the command Hostname to check the Hostname and type the command IPconfig to check the IP Address. This would confirm that you are successfully connected. Now you can use PowerShell commands to remotely manage it.

Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)

Command to change specify Preferred DNS

Remotely Manage Nano Server using Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Step 1:
On the DC01 open Server Manager
Right click on All Servers
Click on Add Servers.

Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)

Step 2:
On the Add Server Window, type the name of Server that you want to remotely manage i.e. Nano01 in this practical.
Click on Find Now.
In the result, it would show the Server. Please ensure this Server should be part of the Domain. (Steps to add Nano Server in Domain using DJoin command)
Select the Server and then click on right arrow, it would add the server in the Selected Servers list.
Click on Ok to close the Window.

Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)

Step 3:
Once added Server would list under All Servers.
This would allow you to remotely manage Nano Server 2016 using GUI mode.

Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)Remotely Manage Nano Server 2016 (1)

This concludes the article, hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the comment.