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How to setup Citrix Delivery Groups in XenDesktop 7.8

How to setup Citrix Delivery Groups in XenDesktop 7.8

In this post, we will learn the steps to setup Citrix Delivery Groups in XenDesktop 7.8 /XenApp 7.8. In the old post, we learned the steps to install Citrix XenDesktop 7.8 and steps to create Machine Catalog. Delivery Group is a collection of desktops and applications from the machines added in a machine catalog and assign Desktops and Applications to group of Users. Desktops or applications added to the delivery group can be selected from one or more machine catalogs. For each and every delivery group we can define users or group of users for accessing the resources.

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Steps to setup Citrix Delivery Groups in Citrix XenDesktop 7.8

1. To setup Citrix Delivery Groups, open Citrix Studio from the Start menu and then click on “Set up Delivery Groups to assign desktops and applications to your users” to configure Delivery Groups in Citrix XenDesktop 7.8.

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2. On Getting started with Delivery Groups console,  we can read about the importance of delivery groups. Delivery groups are the collections of applications and desktops that are created from Machine Catalogs. We can create delivery groups specifically for users and groups. Click on Next to continue.

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3. On Machines console, select the machine catalog for this delivery group and also choose the number of machines assigned to this delivery group. As of now, we only have 2 VMs in this Machine Catalog, click on the “+” sign to add the number of Virtual Machines to this Catalog. Click on Next to continue.

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4. On Delivery Type console, we can choose whether the machines in the catalog delivers desktops or applications to the users. In this practical, we have selected the option of Applications. Click on Next to continue.

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5. To set up Citrix Delivery Groups, on AppDisks console, we can add a new AppDisk. It gives us more control on application management by separating an application from the operating system on machines in the catalog. We are not creating any AppDisks right now. Simply, click on Next to proceed.

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6. On Users console, specify the users or group of users that are authorized to access the applications and desktops in this delivery group. Select “Allow any authenticated users to use this Delivery Group” so that any user in the domain can access resources of this delivery group. Even you can select “Restrict use of this Delivery Group to the following users” for allowing selected users or group of users to access the resources of this delivery group. Here, we have selected the second option and add a group of users naming “ProGrp“. Click on Next to continue.

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7. To setup Citrix delivery Groups on Desktop Assignment Rules console, we need to define the rule so that a particular machine is assigned to a user or group of users. Click on Add to create a new Desktop Assignment Rule.

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8. On Add Desktop Assignment Rule console, enter the display name and description. We have entered “Win7 IT” as display name and description. Select “Restrict desktop assignment to” option and add users or group. We have added a group naming ProGrp, we have added few users in this Group. Set the maximum number of desktops per user to 1, you can increase the number as per your requirement. To enable this rule, select the option “Enable desktop assignment rule“. Click on Ok.

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9. Again on Desktop Assignment Rules console, we can verify our selected options on the previous console. In case of any changes, select the rule and then click on Edit else click on next to continue.

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10. To setup Citrix delivery Groups on the summary console, verify all the options selected on previous consoles. Enter delivery group name and description and click on Finish. Here, we have entered “Win 7 IT Grp” as delivery group name and description.

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11. After the creation of a delivery group, we can see it on the console of Citrix studio under the Common Tasks.

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Hope you understood the steps to set up Citrix Deliver Groups, feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or suggestions.